Monthly Archives: October 2012

Drinking Wine in a Hurricane

Chapter 94 I’m on the west coast, so news of the impending Great Flood that will wash most of New Jersey into the Atlantic swell has come to me phrased mostly as flight cancellations and pictures of clouds on facebook. This is why it’s only occurred to me to write this bit now, about a […]

I Went To College So I didn’t Have To Deal With This Sort of Thing

Chapter 93 I’ve been working through very thick books, and into the darkest, loneliest corners of Wikipaedia researching organic chemistry. Not to the degree of some of my friends who work in labs as organic chemists.[1] I didn’t spend four years slaving over refractometers and lasers and weaponized petri dishes. I signed up for a […]

Vine Voodoo

Chapter 92 There is a vigorous debate over the merit of organic viticulture. Before I say the things I’m about to say, I should first say that I’m a total granola in an ironic wolf’s clothing. Most of the food I eat is probably mostly organic; I’m going to a you-pick apple farm this weekend […]