Monthly Archives: August 2012

More Wine School

Chapter 89 Last fall I took a course in wine tasting with the object of getting a shiny green button.[1] I realized about a month ago that it didn’t go with any of my shirts, so I’m going back to the Wine and Spirits Education Trust now to get the red pin, the prize you […]

Sauvignon Blanc

Chapter 88 Ah, Sauvignon Blanc, we barely know thee. It doesn’t help that you’re the variety of choice in like eight different regions, and have managed to earn stereotypicity for both high and low quality.[1] You are third behind Chardonnay and Riesling in flexibility of style, and since you’re planted extensively in the Loire, in […]

Cabernet Franc

Chapter 87 I went out to eat at a vegan restaurant the other day, and had a bottle of Cabernet Franc from Washington[1] that reminded me how often this grape gets overlooked. It’s the third Bordeaux grape, but gets close to zero ink, because Cabernet Sauvignon camps out the left bank, Merlot lays claim to […]

The Willamettiad

I write a lot. Sometimes I get bored and start to mail things in a little. When I feel myself telling the same seven jokes in a different order, it fills me with existential dread and I miss deadlines getting the essay out, and when it comes, it comes at you weird. Really, really weird. […]