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I’m Going to Europe to Drink W- I’m Going to Drink Wine in Europe.

Chapter 82 In June, I’m going to Spain for a wedding,[1] with my friend John.  We’ll be in Iberia just long enough to trade in eight hours of jetlag for the all-night wedding dinner hangover. There will be Tempranillo. There will be Garnacha. There will be Cava and Monastrell and curiously spelled white wines with […]

The Wine You Grow Up With is Better

Chapter 81 I talk a lot about going to wineries. It’s one of the most interesting and enjoyable ways to spend an afternoon ever dreamt up, and I’ve geared my whole life towards the remote chance that I’ll be able to count tastings as tax write-offs some day. I’ve been known to meditate over glasses […]

What my Mom Should Drink

Chapter 80 I get asked to do some wine consulting for people[1] going out to restaurants who want to sound savvy when they go out to the big shot restaurant[2] with other people who are footing the bill.[3] This is fun for me, as I get to pretend that I have magical access to the […]

The World According to Welschriesling

Chapter 79 In my younger days, I went to college and got a degree in history,[1] and now that I work with wine, I’ve happened upon a very subtle way to read history by looking at the vines.[2] This works because winemakers tend to keep making wine even when history is happening all around them, […]