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Hard Day at the Office

Chapter 78 As I become more familiar with the local wine folk in Oregon, they start to invite me to things.[1] One of the most important work functions in the wine industry is the trade tasting,[2] where the makers meet the sellers and singe their palates while getting them tipsy. For all you people out […]


Chapter 77 Wingifa: noun, Old English: “wine giver” I enjoy being liked. This is why I bring wine when I go to other people’s houses.[1] I am not the first one to think this way. Gift giving lies at the very core of Anglo-Saxon civilization.[2] The epic poem Beowulf was one third of my college […]

Oh Yeah, Zin

Chapter 76 I like to present myself as the ultimate authority on wine, a font of knowledge everyone should consider their first, last and only resource on what to drink.[1] But every now and again, I realize there’s something I forgot,[2] a hole in my palate. To be sure, there are still plenty of holes […]