Monthly Archives: March 2012

Wine Country

Chapter 75 Last Sunday afternoon, I stood on the lip of a ridge at about 1500 feet, bracing against a cold spring wind with the heart of Willamette Valley wine country spread out beneath me under a quilt of sunshine and rain showers. This moment, while not quite the burning bush, or even Constance Pass,[1] […]

Grow a Pair

Chapter 74 I often here people say something like “Oh, I don’t like to drink things I haven’t tried before.” This statement cuts across all strata of the wine drinking spectrum. Initiates are afraid of wasting money or of being fooled by dishonest salespeople[1], and old hands fire it off as the opening salvo in […]

Drinking Beer

Chapter 73 Anyone who has ever watched the Super Bowl knows that beer is “La boisson de choix pour d’hommes vrais ”.[1] I totally agree, to a point,[2] but not to the point the titans of American beer want. There are two kinds of beer: Industrial beer, headlined by Budweiser and Coors and Miller and […]