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The Simple Joy of Knowing Everything

Chapter 72 I bought a Riesling at the shop the other day because I’ve been working at my map, and I finally finished[1] the Mosel River, and Riesling has been on my mind even more than usual. I saw a nice 2007 Spätlese from the Treppchen vineyard in Erden.[2] I brought it home and opened […]


Chapter 71 One of my secret worries when I’m writing notes for wines is that there’s no sure way to know that the wines are getting a fair shake. The mouth is a strange and temperamental place, where barely conscious factors can interfere with the data stream on its way to the descriptive mind.[1] External […]

The Wrapping

Chapter 70 One of the most common phrases I hear when selling wine is “I just buy for the label” or some variation thereof. It turns out that this is absolutely correct, and not in some snotty “you have to know how to read the label you peasant” way, but a “Look for the prettiest […]