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Am I a Nerd or a Snob?

Chapter 69 I have consistently called myself either a wine nerd or a wine snob[1] in these articles.  In the wine world, these two are similar, but distinct.  Usually, it’s basically the same thing when a wine nerd gets to snob out over wine and when a snob gets her nerd on, but not always.  […]

Dirt That’s Hard to Spell

Chapter 68 This is the conclusion of my brief introduction to the dirts that people grow wine grapes in.  Instead of focusing in on one kind of soil, this is going to be a survey of some of lesser known types, with one common theme:[1] they screw with your spell check[2]. Gneiss Not only is […]

Drinking Wine Alone

Chapter 67 I thought, after weeks of droning on about various degrees of dirt, I would offer a brief reprieve before the big finish, and talk about actual wine that I actually put in my mouth for the first time in months. This idea presented me with one big problem if you believe me when […]

Dirt That Goes “Crish Crish” When You Walk On It

Chapter 66 In the world of wine, most good land is in climates where it doesn’t rain in the summer or fall.  That’s true of every region I’ve talked about in this soil series except Cognac, and since Cognac is supposed to be thin, characterless, and plentiful, I’m not sure that hurts my point.[1] Fine […]