Monthly Archives: November 2011

Alcohol and Art

Chapter 61 I had an epiphany about six months ago.[1] While my primary flavor is wine, I also dabble in photography, and I’ve been known to get pretty misty about the philosophy of it.[2] Since I basically don’t think about anything else,[3] it was only a matter of time before I formed a thought containing […]

The Mixed Case

Chapter 60 There are few pleasures in life more dangerous to a wine guy than a distributer blowout sale.  I went to one last Sunday, and I had filled up my 6-pack carrier before I remembered to look at the list for the really exciting stuff.[1] It got very crowded; the folks running the sale […]

The Wine Map: Iberia

Chapter 59 These are the wine regions of Spain and Portugal, which are roughly similar in many ways,[1] but quite different in other ways.[2] They’re both fairly warm climates, but all of Portugal is influenced by the Atlantic, where in Spain it’s an occasional interruption.  Both countries produce intense, full bodied red wines of fairly […]

The Absentminded Sip Of Wine

Chapter 58 I was busy one day, and there was a glass of Pinot Gris on the table, and I had a beer in front of me that I was thinking of opening up for dinner, and I absentmindedly took a sip of the wine, and I had the nasty impression of warm flat soda, […]