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The Wine Map: Italy

Chapter 57 Harvest time is here,[1] and I’ve been busy signing my November into an oblivion of sweet crushed fruit.  So busy, that I forgot to drink any actual wine, beyond the odd glass of Cabernet Franc[2] or Verdejo.  I also had less time for the writing about it.  So instead, here’s chapter 2 of […]


Chapter 56 The real fun of my sommelier class is the chance to taste some of the most interesting wines in the world.  My palate is still developing, and my preconceptions are giving way to new conceptions all the time. One such notion I had concerned the character of Tempranillo.  In my mind, this grape […]


Chapter 55 I told you a couple chapters ago that I was embarking on a sommelier course, and that I would find that I’ve been wrong about a lot of stuff.  I was right, and this chapter is about one of the more embarrassing mistakes.[1] Riesling has been a bit of a mission for me.  […]