Monthly Archives: September 2011

Big Mountains and Sweet Wine

Chapter 54 I went camping in mid September out in the Olympic Mountains, and I came back with proof that wine and camping are a perfect mix.  Here’s the story. My first draft of the plan for taking wine into the mountains was not a good one.  I was just going to take a nerdy […]

The Class

Chapter 53 I spent a wad of money this year to take a course in wine.  The end result of the course is a shiny little sommelier pin that I can use to win every single conversation about wine.[1] In the days leading up to the class I had my traditional jitters because I had […]

The Bandol

Chapter 52 A few days ago, I picked up a wine in the nerdy section of the wine shop, and I opened it up for a dinner on a Thursday to get my nerd on with Bandol.  I was prepared to have an interesting wine.  I was not prepared to have the second ‘aha’ bottle […]


I should warn you, this post might get a little philosophical.  I promise I won’t get misty or woo woo, but if you see words like “transcend” or “Gestalt” or “Platonic”[1] here, well, you’ve been warned. Among alcoholic drinks, wine plays an interesting social part, because for all its alcoholic qualities, it is considered bad […]