Monthly Archives: July 2011

Meat and Cheese

Chapter 46 I spent the weekend celebrating a friend’s birthday, and that involved copious amounts of food, wine and cribbage.[1] This is how it went down. Several days earlier I had been in a wine shop getting too nerdy for my own good, and I found wines that were really cool and looked interesting and […]

Don’t Be This Guy at Wine Tastings

Chapter 45 I had a wine tasting the other day at my little kiosk, with a representative of Winery W, which is a regular thing, and always a fun, easy-going interlude in my Thursdays.  The crowd we get is an unpredictable one,[1] ranging from wine club members to people who don’t know wine is made […]

What Did the Founding Fathers Drink

Chapter 44 One of the things you discover when you start to pay attention to blogs about wine is that absolutely everyone writes up something special every time a holiday comes along.  Every Thanksgiving, wine people write about all the wonderful Zinfandels we should drink,[1] then Christmas hits and everyone is drinking nog,[2] then New […]