Monthly Archives: June 2011

Great Wine and Terrible Soil

Chapter 43 When I’m talking to people about wine, I like to say unexpected things.  I spend a lot of time at work in teaching mode, and the best way to make people listen to you is to surprise them.[1] I have a few scoops of wisdom I keep ready, like the one about not […]

Drinking Wine While Camping

Chapter 42 I’ve been thinking today about setting.  The fun you have with a bottle of wine is influenced by the quality of the wine, the people you drink it with, the food you eat with it, and the place you’re drinking it.  Most of the time, you will hit one or two of these […]

Where’s My Palate?

Chapter 41 I’ve been keeping this quiet, but for about a month, my palate has been pretty dull.[1] I went to trade tastings, wine shop tastings, out into the valley, I even went to a winery to try some wines in tank, and I struggled to get much of anything out of them.  I’m talking […]