Monthly Archives: May 2011

Emergency Wine Snob Kit

Chapter 40 Wine can be a pretty intimidating subject.  Sometimes I fear it.  Here I am, studying the stuff basically all the damn time for the fat side of two years, and every week or so I’ll be reading a passage about a region I’ve studied pretty hard, and I’ll come across a grape I’ve […]

Italian Wine Tasting

Chapter 39 My parents are on an Aegean cruise right now.  They’re on their way to Venice and Florence afterward.[1] I agreed to write about Italian wines, so I picked one from the Tre Venizia, and one from Tuscany, because I’m detail oriented.  I pulled them from my cellar and managed to gather friends[2] together […]

Greek Wine Tasting

Chapter 38 My parents fly to Greece tomorrow.[1] This got me thinking about Greek wine, so I found myself a Greek restaurant, and kept ordering half glasses of wine until the waiters got tired of bringing them to me. I haven’t had very much Greek wine in my life, because there isn’t much of it […]

Chehalem Mountains Wine Tasting

Chapter 37 There’s nothing I enjoy more than walking into a swank swaddled hotel looking like a homeless drowned rat and then making clear to the horrified guests around me that I’m cooler than they are by asking for directions to the wine tasting.[1] The tasting was the “Mountains to Metro”, where something like thirty […]

A Better Way to Drink

Chapter 36 “Initial nose of light cranberry and bright strawberry. On the palate there is tart strawberry, citrus and tasty pink grapefruit. This wine is crisp and clean with a bit of sweetness on the finish. The is wonderful acidity with a nice mouth watering bitterness. Nice wine, perfect for this Indian Summer night. Drink […]