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Glassware and Why it Matters (no, really!)

Chapter 35 Go to the Riedel website, and they’ll give you their rule of thumb which sounds quite cheeky.  Spend as much on the glass as you do on the bottle.[1] I was scornful.  Of course, I knew generally that whites come in narrower glasses and reds in wider glasses, as dictated by tradition.  I […]

A Well Loved Wine Re-Visited

Chapter 34 When I was just beginning to write about wine here, I mentioned a dinner I had with wine, it was thanksgiving of 2009, and I had the 2006 Carlton Cellars Road’s End pinot noir.  It was one of the most important bottles of wine I’ve ever had, as it tuned me into wine […]


Chapter 33 There was a time not too long ago when Elm trees lined almost every street in the United States.  They were the prettiest trees in the forest from the Atlantic to the Mississippi.  Some of them were big enough to shelter serious dinner parties in one tree’s shade, and they were all over […]

Valpolicella Tasting

Chapter 32 whatever else I was going to write but I was tipsy and forgetful.  There’s nothing like walking around in a wine shop after a couple glasses of wine to loosen the purse strings.  My cellar is brimming with wines I gave exactly twenty seconds of thought before buying.[1] Which is why Wine shops […]

The Mosel

Chapter 31 The Romans killed a lot of people.  Their idea of a weekend holiday seemed to be to go conquer another barbarian tribe and burn, pillage, rape and murder until the locals were so completely cowed that they agreed that wearing togas was actually pretty cool.[1] They also had a good sense of humor, […]