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An Ode to Monks

Chapter 30 Monks[1][2] are interesting people.  In Greek times, philosophers spent their time finding new things to care about, and changed the world.  In modern times, computer scientists spend their time building new things we care about that change the world.  In between, there were many generations of people who would have been philosophers or […]

2007 Willamette pinot noir: a discussion of vintage

Chapter 29 Last night, I opened up a bottle of pinot noir after dinner, and it was very nice.  It was Sineann’s Lachini vineyard, one of the last remaining bottles from a case my mother bought for me, the seed and roots of my now sprawling wine collection.  It was awesome.  It was silky.  It […]


Chapter 28 Being a luxury item was a uniformly sweet deal until 1848.  Sure, your market was always a very limited one, but people who never tasted those Bourgeuills, Sauternes, Champagnes, Ports or Tokajis just didn’t care.  They cared quite a bit about getting repeatedly stomped on by the social elites, not so much what […]

Box vs. Bottle: Blind

Chapter 27 I’ve been hearing off hand remarks from various sources that box wine is on the way to respectability, tramping the same trail taken by screw caps.[1] I was suspicious, because even when I didn’t know the difference between Baron Phillipe de Rothschild and Mouton-Rothschild,[2] I knew that box wine was something I could […]

Thin Excuses

Chapter 26 A friend of ours lighted in Portland for the weekend a little while ago, and because my brain is no longer capable of operations that haven’t been thoroughly soaked in wine, it turned very quickly from “Oh hey, it will be nice to see Scout for a spell,” to “I wonder what wines […]

“Johannisberg Riesling”

Chapter 25 I had an exchange with a gentleman once upon a time, which stuck in my mind because it always sticks in my mind when someone is rude and condescending to me during an argument when I know that they’re wrong and I’m right in the least subjective way possible.[1] He asked me if […]