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Chapter 7 Jerez in Spanish, or Xerez locally, or Sherry in English, is a wine made in seven distinct styles, some dry, some sweet.  Some are crisp aperitifs, some are deep mahogany liquors thick enough to stand your cigar in.[1] How is the flat, passionless Palomino grape so transformed into the multiflecticated drink that is […]

My Palate

Chapter 6 If I’m going to talk about wine, and anyone is going to listen, I should talk about the most important part: my palate.  I want to talk about the wine I like, because when I spout off about something awesome or awful, you should know where I’m coming from.[1] So you can copy […]

Selling Wine

Chapter 5 I sell wine.  That’s my job.  I run a kiosk for my company, giving out information about the wine in Oregon for free and bottles of wine for money.  It’s not particularly glamorous nor lucrative, but I like it.  I get to talk about something I’m passionate about all day every day, and […]

Drinking Wine With Girlfriends

Chapter 4 This is the story of how I discovered a world class wine and declared myself awesome.[1] I took my girlfriend out to dinner for her birthday at the neat little place downtown we’d had an eye on.  We sat at the back of the extremely cute dining room.  We received the menus, I […]

Dundee Wine Experience

Chapter 3 I went to a wine convention.  A couple dozen winemakers from one set of hills in Oregon had set themselves up in a room in Portland’s rose quarter and invited the masses[1] to come try their wine.  I went; claiming that I was doing it for work, the chance to try some wines […]

Drinking Wine With Friends

Chapter 2 Wine Tastes good.  Wine tastes really good with food.[1] But wine never tastes better than when it’s shared with friends.  I have tasted a number of wines in my life, and those I remember best are connected to the meals, the conversations, the times and the places.  I have a very good friend […]

I am a wine snob

This is where I talk about why I like wine. Also some neat stuff about the Basques.